We value diversity and equity. Our team brings skill, insight, and lived experience and with that comes racial, gender, sexual, and accessible diversity. We welcome their whole selves into the work and that results in rich, dynamic solutions for our clients.

We work in a team environment, with each project team selected based on individual expertise, experience in similar projects, organization, and ability to work together as a whole. Each team member has a vital role in completing the project life cycle. We resource our project teams appropriately through weekly Project Update Meetings and regular project tracking. This enhances our ability to complete several ongoing projects without sacrificing workflow and quality.

Robert Billard, Architect AIBC, MRAIC, LEED AP ®, Principal

With over 35 years of experience in over 500 projects ranging from single family to complex institutional facilities, Robert is well-suited to guide projects from conception to completion.

Between 1996 and 2010, Robert worked exclusively on federal, provincial, territorial and municipal projects such as schools, hospitals, airports, sewage treatment plants, courthouse, and recreational facilities. 

Each project at Billard Architecture Inc. is spear-headed and overseen by Robert who is involved in all phases of each project including client meetings, design development, and construction detailing.

Robert is also the founder and developer of Fifth Chord Studios, a music recording studio and rehearsal space in the basement of our current office building in New Westminster. It was (is) a concrete bunker built in 1965 as a x-ray lab. The walls that weren’t concrete were (are) made of two layers of 2″ solid wood sandwiching a layer of lead. Over that were layers of gypsum wall board. Empty for many years, this place was difficult to find a taker because the amount of renovations needed to turn it into a typical office was not cost-effective.

But, to turn into a music rehearsal and recording studio, it was perfect. It’s safe to say that outside of architecture, Robert has a passion for music and guitars.

Trudi Goels, Director of Operations, CDP, Firestarter, Co-Owner at Ablaze Services

At Billard Architecture, Trudi is involved in strategic recruitment and onboarding, setting and maintaining HR policies, and managing stakeholder relationships. She seeks out innovative ways to ensure the organization is nimble and responsive and runs flawlessly – even through a pandemic.

Trudi’s skills and interests stretch far and wide and because of that, she also consults through Ablaze Services, is a sought-out leader to bring diversity and inclusion into other organizations, and guides other businesses and organizations through growth and change

She currently serves as a Director at Women Transforming Cities, and as a Knowledge Philanthropist at Vantage Point. She’s a co-founder of Women on Wednesdays, a champion of body liberation, an advocate for better allyship, and an ongoing community developer.

She also is the human companion of Friday, Director of Barkitecture.

Rochele Potter, Project Coordinator

Rochele leads the weekly project meetings, ensures that everyone is resourced and empowered to do their job and is in the habit of saying cheesy things like, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” except she genuinely means it because she knows we succeed on the strength and skills of our team.

She is involved in sub-consultant coordination, contract administration, project tracking, and business development. She’s famous for her varying hair colours and showing up in neon green on days with external stakeholders.

Rochele completed the Certificate of Project Management program at UBC in March of 2021 and is preparing for the PMP certification exam. When she’s not behind a screen, you can bet she’s trying out a new recipe, imagining designs for t-shirts, sewing, or pretending to read in a hammock.

Sernur Dogar, Intern Architect AIBC, MRAIC

Sernur joined the team in the fall of 2019. Her key contributions to the team are producing technical drawings, being a project lead, and maintaining client and consultant relationships. She is also our resident expert in code analysis and and zoning-bylaws. In 2020, Sernur completed the Project Management Certificate Program at BCIT and is preparing for the PMP certification exam.

Most of Sernur’s spare time is spent with her young son. She’s an avid traveler, and enjoys skiing when time and the season permit. From time to time, she will bring in homemade Turkish treats to share with the team and they are always a big hit.

Cameron Crossley, Technologist

Cameron has been with Billard Architecture since the end of 2017. He is responsible for producing AutoCAD drawings, REVIT modeling, Photoshop enhancements, document preparation, and client and consultant correspondence.

Cameron is an outdoor enthusiast. In the spring and summer, he hikes the Grouse Grind most weekends. In the winter he’s on the slopes, and anywhere in between you can find him splitboarding.

Nicole Hagen, Jr. Architectural Technician

Nicole is currently developing the Interior Design department at Billard Architecture. She guides our clients through the interior design and space planning processes to bring their visions to life. Her interests in visual arts and creativity bring forward great ideas and concepts that foster ingenuity in her projects.

Nicole relocated from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan after graduating from Saskatchewan Polytechnic and has been maximizing outdoor recreation opportunities on the west coast by spending her free time hiking, running, biking, and skiing.

Ali Eskandari, Graphics Specialist

Ali is Billard Architecture’s graphic specialist. He’s a skilled user of several 3D software programs such as 3Ds MAX, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Rhino, Z-brush, Marvelous, Maya, V-ray, Corona, Mari, and Substance Painter. His specialty is creating photo-realistic architectural scenes in a 3D environment using 3D models of architectural objects.

Ali brings his graphics to life using texturing and lighting of architectural sciences and objects to execute post-production of raw render outputs.

Sultan Hussein, Architectural Technician

Sultan is an integral part of the Billard Architecture team. He works closely with the Principal Architect to develop floor plans, cross sections, and elevations. His attention to detail and thoroughness is evident in the design and interior packages that are compiled for clients and city personnel. From time to time, you can catch Sultan on-site taking measurements for tenant improvements projects. He takes great care in his work and enjoys the life cycle of his projects.

Outside of work, Sultan is involved in his family’s carpentry finishing business and enjoys staying up to date with all manners of professional sports leagues.

Friday, Director of Barkitecture, Very Good Boy

Friday joined Billard Architecture in 2018. He is responsible for greeting all visitors to the office and eating dog cookies. He works closely with Robert and Trudi to ensure employee wellness.

When he’s not in the office, Friday can be found playing with his friends at doggy daycare and the dog park.