Robert Billard


Robert is a registered Architect AIBC, LEED© Accredited Professional with over 30 years of experience across Canada and abroad from renovations to multi-million dollar commercial and residential developments. He has been the creative lead, owner’s representative, project manager, and he is the driving force behind Billard Architecture.


And he’s the Holistic Project Delivery™ method developer. Robert developed and co-authored the guide on HPD™ and has been invited to present as an expert on the subject matter at conferences all over Canada. The method was published in Canadian Architect in 2009. Billard Architecture partner with designers, developers, contractors and other professionals to deliver high quality outcomes with efficiency provided by the HPD method and engage our client through the entire process.


Trudi Goels

Business Development Manager

Trudi’s a listener and a doer. She knows how to get to the root of what you want and then make it happen. She’s picks and chooses our clients carefully to ensure we’re partnering with the right projects. Her experience is in building relationships, growing teams, and solving problems. She doesn’t just ensure that we find the best clients but also that we keep them.


And because we’re efficient, she also makes sure we run efficiently and effectively, looking after all the stuff in the background. She makes us all look good.