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Holistic Project Delivery ™ Method


Robert Billard developed and co-authored the guide on the Holistic Project Delivery™ method.


What does this mean for you?


Many firms use the Integrated Design Process when working with their clients. This is the industry standard to ensure that the client, design team, and related consultants are involved with the project from the very beginning through to the very end.


The Holistic Project Delivery ™ method takes this process further. It provides a streamlined approval process, efficient use of schedule and resources, clearly identifies goals and challenges, ensures a safe, healthy and sustainable design, and reduces risk for the overall project.


You are informed of every step of your project through HPD documentation sharing, track progress on the published timeline, and you, our client, are an integral part of the entire process.


HPD makes projects more efficient and always with you, the client, front of mind.