Robert Billard, Architect AIBC LEED AP

Robert has a long career in Architecture. He’s designed in the North, South, East and West! He strives for efficiency in design, layout, and work habits. He has a love of contemporary architecture, community, painting, music, model building, and his family.  Clients are often suprised when he answers the phone.  He can sometimes be found making coffee, drawing on walls, and always found solving complex problems.

Trudi Goels
Director of Operations

Trudi is a long time community developer, instigator of small businesses, and a great combination of doer and dreamer. She’s also acted as a bit of a disruptor for the firm by implementing policies that are great for staff and clients and creating a dynamic work environment where everyone can thrive. If she could’ve picked her middle name, it would’ve been Efficient. Trudi Efficient Goels – has a nice ring to it.