Oliver Street Mixed Use Residential

7160 Oliver Street, Mission

The Oliver Street is a medium-density development designed to provide an abundance of homes and commercial-retail space in a transit-oriented commercial neighbourhood. The integration of commercial and residential uses provide opportunities for jobs, shopping and urban growth in a neighbourhood hub that emphasizes the importance of social, cultural and commercial lifestyles.

This project will transform a single retail building and parking lot into a community made up of four modern 6 storey mixed-use buildings and a single retail liquor store that include ample residential homes and commercial space that the District of Mission has envisioned for the Lougheed Highway Corridor. The commercial spaces include a daycare, fitness center, liquor store, restaurant and commercial rental units that can be accessed by a public plaza off of the realigned Rai Avenue.

As a community minded project, the private outdoor amenity space will be screened from the public eye at the back of the site overlooking the Fraser River. The overall design uses the natural grade to showcase a unique structure that creates a partially underground parkade that is open towards the back of the site. Modern materials and forms inspired by new residential building to blend the existing and new with consideration to Mission’s vision of the future. Right -sized units are designed to offer homes for all Mission residents – from young families to working professionals and active seniors.


Billard Architecture Inc.




Submitted for rezoning and development