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In case you hadn’t noticed, housing – the lack of it, the cost of it, and future of it – in the Lower Mainland is a hot topic.  Everyone from residents, politicians, and businesses are talking about housing.

A local group called Yes in New West are holding a Housing Hackathon and the Billard Architecture Inc office is the site where it takes place.

What is a hackathon?

Using Open Space Technology, participants will “hack” a series of issues relating to housing.

Hacking is defined as problem solving that:

  • Demonstrates cleverness, creativity, or ingenuity
  • Solves a meaningful problem
  • Is not a common or well-known solution to the problem
  • May not be the most straightforward or well-known solution
  • Is bold or radical


This is a great opportunity to bluesky ways we can make housing both profitable and affordable (is that possible?), affordable and beautiful (we KNOW that’s possible), and perhaps find a creative solution or two or three in the process. The goal for Yes in New West is to present ideas from this forum to people who can make the change happen.

If you’re interested in participating, space is limited. RSVP here:



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